HSE Policy

Heath, Safety and Environment (HSE) is ingrained in our DNA. It is part of everything we make and
everything we do, and our employees are
empowered to own exceptional HSE performance
every day. This focus drives us to collaborate with
industry partners toward a more sustainable
energy future, and to manage and use our
resources more efficiently to make every day better
for the environment and the people we touch.
We relentlessly adhere to the high ethical standards
that our stakeholders expect of us, and—more
importantly—that we expect of ourselves.
Employees are expected to follow “The Spirit & The
Letter” of our Code of Conduct, which establishes
the ongoing duty of directors, officers, employees
and business partners to conduct business legally
and ethically. We are also fostering a culture of
complete compliance through sound governance,
effective policies and guidelines, and open channels
of reporting.

Health & Safety

Emcah facilities are clean and hazard-free, and employ the best safety management practices. As a sign of our commitment to safety we own several high-tech fire trucks to respond immediately in the event of a fire. We are responsible stewards of the Earth. Accordingly, we educate and train all employees, contractors and visitors to comply with our HSE standards in order to protect the environment and their own health.


No job is carried out except in accordance with approved HSE procedures. By this policy, Emcah stops or suspends any job that is considered unsafe or not in line with HSE guidelines of the project as well as that of our clients.

Industry Standard

We foster a culture of complete compliance through sound governance to the industry's best health and safety practice


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