Water and Waste-Water Treatment Engineering

Emcah Oil and Gas Limited harnesses professionals from all over the globe with vast experience in hydrogeological engineering to service its Water and wastewater engineering/servicing system. They plan, design, and oversee construction and operation of all processes and structures involved in the treatment, distribution, and collection of water and wastewater. We understand that proper water treatment design requires in-depth knowledge of how the RO equipment works, that is why our technical services provide for cost-effective and sustainable design and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems even in the face of increasingly stringent external and internal performance expectations. Rest assured that water treatment engineering is our expertise

We are continuing to drive growth and operational improvements with a focus on three areas: introducing new business models to expand our presence in key markets including other West African countries, applying product innovations that embrace digital capabilities and partnerships, and emphasizing integrated commercial operations and cross-product-line solutions.


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